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1.No. Surya Sen Nagar Near Railway Station KHARDAH Opp. K.C.Choudhury Jewelers & Sons Kolkata - 700117. West Bengal.

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We are a team of Top Sexologists / Best Sexologists and we have helped lots of men and women of all ages lead a happy sexual life which they could never imagine.
Sexual problems are very common and unfortunately most of the people who suffer from sexual problems & lead their life in shyness and never consult with Sex Specialist / Sexologist and as a result of which, they pass their days with a miserable condition for which relationship is ruined, divorce, loss of self confidence and stress level of mind increased. This should be avoidable.
The unique creation of God and the most precious gift we have been bestowed upon is LIFE - a golden opportunity to live and enjoy to the full on this beautiful planet. But to some unfortunate people, this so called boon brings pain and suffering due to SEX PROBLEMS.
Ushering in a new direction to the woeful sexual diseases, keeping burning desire to get rid of this ailment successfully, we have been trying our level best to cure the affected people, and with this begin a new era as the disease is no longer looked upon as a curse or menace to human life.

We at Dr.roy’s Clinic Consult with the patients giving enough time for solving their common sexual problems like Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Loss of Libido (loss of sexual desire), Infertility, etc, through a right combination of counseling and Ayurvedic medication. We also Treat Piles, Fissure, Fistula, Hydrocele, Sexually Transmitted Diseases Without Operation.

The proper medicine is chosen prior to diagnosing the patients with utmost care. This medicine has no side effect at all what is provided. Confidentially the treatment is done with privacy. Your details would never be shared with anyone.
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