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Address: P-170, CIT Schme VII M (1st Floor), Near Ultadanga Tram Depot, Kolkata - 700 054, West Bengal, India.

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Address: 1/1, Belilious Road, Howrah, Howrah - 711 101, West Bengal, India.

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In the modern society, education, culture everything speaks about materialism if this is everything then why is it so that most of us are unhappy. There is unrest, anxiety, mental tension, fights & terror everywhere despite best efforts to stop them.

In this junction of present times AYURVEDA is the only answer for us which includes holistic science of health & longevity. It is a philosophy for healing the person as a whole, body & mind.

Ayusya Ayurvedic Superspeciality Treatment Center was founded with the mission of caring people though natural ways. Our objective is to make people ailment free, healthy, through proper ayurvedic treatment, Panchakarma Treatment & life style management. We have our presence in the Eastern part of India with three clinics in Kolkata, one in Howrah and one in Ranchi.

We have a long term vision that a day will come when most of the people will opt for ayurvedic, natural treatments apart from modern conventional treatment which comes with major side effects.
Why Ayurveda
Ayurveda is not only related to disease and its remedies but emphasizes the right and healthy way of living. Since the origin of Ayurveda is said to be from Atharva veda, the philosophy of this health system is based on self discipline and balanced outlook. To understand that Ayurveda is an integral part of India and its culture is to further compare the ethos of Hinduism being - not a religion but a way of life and that of Ayurveda being - not a remedial system but a way of healthy living.

The principles of Ayurveda can be understood by drawing a parallel to a better understood system of present day Allopathy. The definition of health by WHO is 'A state of not merely the absence of disease but a sense of well being at a physical, mental, psychological and spiritual level'. The definition of health in Ayurveda is a balance and harmony of all forces acting on the body at the physical, mental, psychological and soul level. While western medicine is of disease and treatment, Ayurveda also includes rules of healthy living and ways of maintaining health. Thus the scope of herbal treatment is wide and encompasses diet, behavior, principles of right living.
For more please visit official website-http://www.ayusyaayurveda
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